Median Improvement Plans

May 20, 2019
During the Annual Homeowner’s Meeting in March 2019 we discussed a project to improve the landscaping and design of the esplanades along Wilcrest Drive.  It was unanimously agreed among all Annual Meeting attendees to move forward with this project.


September 26, 2019


As a part of the WOC’s Wilcrest Esplanade Beautification Project, phase one will  consists of removing dying, hazardous trees as well as saplings/underdeveloped/undesirable trees, random shrubs, old concrete footings PLUS removing dead wood as well as trimming/pruning ALL of the oaks & crepe myrtles that will be retained in all of our 21 medians. Once this work is complete, our design committee will have an accurate look at the gaps that will need to be filled-in with new trees and/or landscaping. 


This phase one work is planned to happen by the end of 2019.  Stay tuned for our plan for additions to the medians to be installed later in 2020 (after the heat of the summer & once the special assessment has been collected in full.) We are also anticipating some street panel replacements to happen on Wilcrest through our District G council office so we are planning our median work to avoid this timing as well.  Further design discussion is planned for our annual meeting.

March 23, 2020

Phase 1 (removals) in 21 medians was completed back in late Dec/early Jan. Design plans for phase 2 (Fall 2020 installation) are included below for resident’s review. NOTE: WOC will be investing in a number of mature oak trees in some of our medians thus we will be buying in bulk to receive a volume discount. We are planning to extend our discounted tree prices to homeowners who wish to take advantage of this pricing for their own personal lots at their own personal costs for Fall 2020 front yard tree installations. Details to come. 

March 25, 2020

Please see the attached link for esplanade drawings